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Blair Consulting Group is firmly committed to offering top quality professional development training in EAP, work/life, DOT/SAP services, behavioral healthcare, and related services. Check this site regularly for updated course schedules. We also offer custom-designed training to fit your needs.

SAP Qualification Training Be prepared to respond to the DOT regulations which took effect August 1, 2001. Training is required by December 31, 2003.

International Training Events Blair Consulting Group designs and conducts country-specific training for international audiences from Japan to South Africa.

Coaching Training EAP work requires knowledge ranging from substance abuse and behavioral health to work organizations and human resources management. This widely acclaimed, highly interactive two-day course is an excellent overview for those preparing for EACC certification or wanting an opportunity to learn the newest developments in EAP design and delivery.

Customized Training For specialized training in a variety of subjects, Blair Consulting Group is your expert resource for training design and delivery.

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