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Blair Consulting Group are the consultants of choice for design, development and enhancement of international EAP and Work/Life services. We have been active in international EAP issues for many years. Our specific international services include:

  • Consultation on EAP and work/life services for local nationals
  • Program review to assure that employer services are consistent across countries yet responsive to local needs
  • Program design and implementation
  • Identification and evaluation of EAP and Work/Life vendors in different countries
  • For vendors, marketing surveys of opportunities in different countries
  • Consultation on mergers, acquisitions, and international strategies for EAP and Work/Life service delivery
  • For international vendors, consultation regarding how to provide services in the US environment
  • Escorting international professionals on site visits to US employers and vendors to observe EAP and Work/Life services
  • Consultation on forming alliances with other international EAP and Work/Life service providers

Blair Consulting Group has conducted projects in Canada, France, Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Trinidad, Greece, and China. We have staff and affiliates with personal international experience, including experience living in Belgium, Ghana, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Switzerland. We can work in French, as well as English, and we have access to consultants with familiarity in other languages and cultures.

South Africa

South African FlagTogether with Tracy Harper & Associates of Johannesburg, Brenda Blair has delivered the Fundamentals of EAP course to a highly receptive professional audience on 8 different occasions from 2000-2006. Over 400 Southern Africans, from South Africa and neighboring countries, have so far completed the course. A variety of special topics courses have also been delivered.

Brenda and Tracy have also provided consultation and support to employers and EAPs in South Africa. Sample projects include assisting a major government employer in strategic planning for EAP service delivery, working with an internal EAP manager regarding program standards, and helping an HR manager make the business case for Employee Assistance.

Capabilities in South Africa include:

  • EAP program design and needs assessment
  • Evaluation of existing EAP services
  • Strategic planning for EAP, work/life, and related service delivery
  • HIV/AIDS training and consultation
  • Technical consultation, by e-mail and in person
  • Custom-designed seminars and training programs on a variety of Human Resources topics

The first South Africa training group, February 2000.
The first South Africa training group, February 2000.


Japanese FlagBrenda Blair was the guest of the Japan EAPA Chapter in February 1999 to present the Fundamentals of EAP. Customized for a non-English speaking audience all materials were translated in advance, and interpreters facilitated the presentation. A high level audience of occupational physicians, university professors, and EAP professionals contributed to the lively discussion.

In September, 2000, Brenda Blair again delivered two days of customized training on EAP assessments and EAP management consultation. This was held in conjunction with the first Japan EAPA Chapter Regional Conference, a major accomplishment for the Chapter with distinguished Japanese and international presentations.

Recent consulting projects in Japan have included program design, market development, and working with HR managers.

Services to Japanese companies include:

  • Consultation on EAP design and implementation
  • Suggestions for introducing the EAP concept
  • Quality assurance considerations
  • Development of operational standards and guidelines
  • Adapting international EAP practice to the Japanese environment

The first Japanese training group, February 1999.
The first Japanese training group, February 1999.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom flagIn collaboration with Linda Hoskinson, Brenda Blair completed in 2002 the fifth annual training event in the UK. The Fundamentals was first offered to the UK in 1998. The Fundamentals, plus two advanced seminars -- one on Marketing and one on Depression in the Workplace -- occurred in 1999. In June 2000 we offered a reprise of the popular Fundamentals course and an advanced seminar on "The Employer Partnership and Account Management." In 2001, a special seminar for Human Resources managers was offered, reflecting the commitment to helping the UK HR community to become more knowledgeable about EAPs. In 2002, together with Tony Buon, Linda and Brenda conducted a week-long EAP Summer School.

Consulting projects in the UK have included operations reviews, strategic planning, due diligence, and market analysis.

Some UK capabilities:

  • Customized training for EAP and Work/Life vendors
  • Assisting global companies to work with UK service delivery models
  • Marketing consultation and market research projects
  • Program evaluation and audit
  • Strategic planning for UK EAP and Work/Life vendors

Brenda and Linda at a UK training session
Linda Hoskinson and Brenda Blair in the UK during a training session.

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