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Employers seek out Blair Consulting Group's expertise in Employee Assistance Programs, Work/Life services, DOT regulations, HIPAA compliance, disability management, health promotion, organizational development and related workplace services. Employers with global operations are especially pleased with our unique skills and experience in international settings.

For employers we offer an array of services to help determine which of the above services are needed, how they should be implemented, and how to structure such services in a cost-effective manner. Specific consultation includes:

  • Evaluation and audit of existing programs and services
  • Program design, whether initial or restructuring of existing programs
  • Review of costs and benefits of various program models, i.e. internal, external or combination models of service delivery
  • Benchmarking and identification of best practices
  • Development of Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  • Vendor selection
  • Vendor performance measures and performance guarantees
  • Implementation of integrated workplace services
  • Facilitation of cooperation among multiple vendors
  • Review of contract specifications
  • Analysis and interpretation of program data
  • Consultation regarding management information systems
  • Technical consultation regarding operational or programmatic issues
  • Program operations review
  • Problem resolution
  • Policy and procedure manuals; design and review
  • Staff training and development for internally staffed programs
  • International development
  • Management briefings

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