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Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

Business leaders and organizational development professionals know that "soft skills", (emotional awareness, rapport, integrity, etc.) are critical for business success. However, there has been little consensus on how to conceptualize and teach these skills. Employers seek to expand these skill levels in their work groups, but they want the skills to match real needs and to be aligned with their business objectives.

Now, the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is emerging as a potentially powerful framework for understanding and addressing "soft skill" development. Linking Emotional Intelligence approaches to specific competencies useful to both work and personal situations provides a basis for concrete skills acquisition.

Andy LeFave, LCSW, CEAP, a nationally recognized expert on coaching, leadership development, and emotional intelligence, has created The Emotional Intelligence Competency Model and accompanying workbook.

This model regards Emotional Intelligence factors as specific competencies and translates them into the language of competency-based professional development used by many employers. Because this approach is consistent with contemporary views about learning, development, and skill-building, it is easily adaptable to a variety of workplaces and circumstances.

The Employee Assistance professional, because of her or his professional preparation and role is the organization, is ideally situated to become a natural leader in the training and coaching of these Emotional Intelligence competencies.

The resources in the EI Toolbox will prepare you to step into this role and leverage your skills in a way that directly supports individual, team and organizational productivity.

The EI toolbox contains everything you will need to get started, plus the rights for unlimited use with your clients.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Training Resources

  • Emotional Intelligence Model – a competency based model that identifies 12 core EI competencies. (PowerPoint presentation format)
  • Emotional Intelligence Handbook – a 24 page, illustrated overview of the EI Model and 12 core EI competencies. (MS Word)
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment – a 24 item self-assessment inventory to identify EI competencies for development. (PDF)
  • Emotional Intelligence Competency Cards – a training and educational tool, (typically used with groups of managers), to demonstrate the “business case” for Emotional Intelligence. (PDF)
  • EI Competency Cards Worksheet – a worksheet for the trainer that provides answers to the Competency Card questions. (MS Word)

The EI Toolbox may be purchased for a single fee of $69 for 1-4 copies; 5-9 copies are $60 each, and 10 or more copies are $50. Buy Online Now

The EI Toolbox is provided at no charge to any participant in one of Andy LeFave’s Business Coaching classes. To find out about his next class and to register online, click here.

All EI Toolbox resources are licensed for unlimited reproduction and use with the clients of the professional who purchases the product. The EI Toolbox is priced to be affordable and is sold on the “honor system”. If your colleagues would like a copy of the material, please refer them to so they can purchase their own copy. Additionally, please leave all copyright and contact information intact as it appears on the EI material.

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