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  • Are you implementing a new service and need to train staff?
  • Do you have to conduct required DOT training for supervisors?
  • Would a sales training meeting boost the effectiveness of your team?
  • Do you need a briefing on the latest trends?
  • Would you like a dynamic speaker for your EAPA, SHRM, AWLP or other assocation meeting?

Brenda Blair, Cynthia Sulaski, and Lee Mauk are nationally and internationally experienced trainers and presenters. In addition, we have the ability to draw upon a team of highly skilled associates for selected training projects. We can deliver short, motivational speeches or week-long intensive training sessions. A partial list of some of our presentation topics follow.

  • Employee Assistance Programs: An Essential Component of Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Progam Design and Model Selection: EAP, Work/Life, Behavioral Healthcare, Health Promotion
  • Selecting and Monitoring External Contractors (EAP, Work/Life, MBHC)
  • Evaluating Your Program (This presentation can discuss Employee Assistance Programs, Work/Life Services, and Managed Behavioral Healthcare.)
  • Trends in Workplace Services Design and Delivery
  • Legal, Quasi-legal and Policy Considerations for EAPs
  • Health Care Cost Containment: An Employer’s Resources
  • Management and Union Consultation: Essential for EAP Effectiveness
  • The Supervisor's Role in Identification, Referral, and Early Recovery
  • Helping Women in the Workplace
  • Strategies for Reaching Employees with Drug-Related Problems
  • EAP 101: Basic Program Elements and Standards
  • Improving Customer Relations: Coaching for Telephone Response Staff
  • Marketing to the Employer Organization (This presentation can be tailored to internal or external staff.)
  • Sales Training
  • Team Building

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