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Are you looking for independent, expert consultation? Blair Consulting Group brings together nationally and internationally known professionals. Our interest is in helping to increase employer productivity and employee satisfaction.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)A good EAP can solve serious problems while saving lives and money. Is there a good business reason to have an EAP? Is your EAP doing all it should? Find out how Blair Consulting Group can help you.

Leadership Development for EAPsBlair Consulting Group offers an array of custom designed Leadership Development services for organizational, team and individual effectiveness.

Work/Life ServicesEmployees rate work/life balance as an extremely critical component of any job. Employers wishing to retain workers seek creative solutions.

DOT (Department of Transportation) RegulationsRegulated employers face a variety of requirements: policies, testing, supervisor training, SAP assessments. Let Blair Consulting Group's DOT expert help you manage the new requirements.
EmployersAre you an employer? Click here to learn how Blair Consulting Group can help you with program design, data management, building the business case for your EAP, expanding globally, evaluating vendor performance and streamlining operations.

VendorsAre you a vendor of EAP or Work/Life services? Click here to learn how Blair Consulting Group can help you with strategic planning, operations efficiency, market positioning, account management, and organizational effectiveness.

International EAPs and Work/Life ServicesDo you need to take your EAP and/or Work/Life services global? Do you have a particular need in one country? Blair Consulting Group has cultural sensitivity and business experience in international service development.

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